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LOGLINE: In a world where a woman must prove that she is capable of caring for a child before she’s allowed to conceive, a hopeful mom recruits the help of her BFF to pass the state’s rigorous test: to take care of a bag of flour for an entire year.



STATEMENT: As a woman, I am acutely conscious of the societal pressure on women to bear children and have a family despite their career goals. That is why I was immediately drawn to the script of Flour Baby and its depiction of two women grappling with the concept of motherhood and deciding whether or not it is for them. 


I am always attracted to stories with strong elements of fantasy and the strong aesthetic behind Flour Baby is a visual representation of the extravagant nature of many gendered politics. I hope that the contrast of high style and pointed humor in Flour Baby makes for a unique, fun, and poignant film that is driven by a strong female point of view.  


  • Best Female Student Director at Indie Short Fest

  • Best Comedy and Best of Fest at Topaz Film Festival

  • USC First Look 

  • Best. Short at Gold Movie Awards

  • Beverly Hills Film Festival

  • LA Live Film Fest

  • SCI-FI/FANTASY Film Festival in Toronto

  • Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival 

Flour Baby- Director 

LOGLINE: Three girls travel through time and space in hopes of escaping a deadly plague that is destroying Earth.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: Girls in Space exists in a world where everything is sparkly, pink and girly. The bold visual style highlights the the ridiculous nature of many tropes that are rooted in sexism and explores these themes in a way just as absurd as the power structures that keep them in place.    


  • Orlando Film Festival

  • Los Angeles CineFest Finalist

  • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

  • ARFF Paris // International Awards

  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

  • Cosmic Film Festival

  • SSU Indie Film Festival

  • Diamond in the Rough Film Festival

  • Kill Jim Festival

  • The Palm Springs International Comedy Festival

Girls in Space- Writer/Director

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