LOGLINE: In a world where a woman must prove that she is capable of caring for a child before she’s allowed to conceive, a hopeful mom recruits the help of her BFF to pass the state’s rigorous test: to take care of a bag of flour for an entire year.


DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: As a woman, I am acutely conscious of the societal pressure on women to bear children and have a family despite their career goals. That is why I was immediately drawn to the script of Flour Baby and its depiction of two women grappling with the concept of motherhood and deciding whether or not it is for them. 


I am always attracted to stories with strong elements of fantasy that are grounded in reality and wanted to use that dualistic genre to explore the double life women must live to be viewed as successful in society. Additionally, I wanted to tell a story that demonstrated how strong female friendships can help women accomplish whatever they desire, including one of the most monumental achievements in life: motherhood.


My goal is to make films that reflect a female point of view and to tell stories that shine a light on the impossible societal standards women are held to. The strong aesthetic behind Flour Baby is a visual representation of the extravagant nature of these gendered politics. I hope that the contrast of high style and pointed humor in Flour Baby makes for a unique, fun and poignant film that is driven by a strong female point of view.  


  • Best Female Student Director at Indie Short Fest

  • Best Comedy and Best of Fest at Topaz Film Festival

  • USC First Look 

  • Best. Short at Gold Movie Awards

  • Beverly Hills Film Festival

  • LA Live Film Fest

  • SCI-FI/FANTASY Film Festival in Toronto

  • Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival 

Flour Baby- Director 

Girls in Space- Writer/Director

LOGLINE: Three girls travel through time and space in hopes of escaping a deadly plague that is destroying Earth.


DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: I wrote Girls in Space because of my love for outer space and my love for everything that is sparkly, pink and girly. I wanted to create a world where women leave the planet behind because of their frustrations with men.


We enter a silver room filled with cake, bubbles, pink lights, and clothes, meeting the characters Topaz, Peaches and Pixi. I wanted to address some of the complicated issues of sexism through strong visual style in order to address the stereotypes women are confronted with on a daily basis.  


  • Orlando Film Festival

  • Los Angeles CineFest Finalist

  • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

  • ARFF Paris // International Awards

  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

  • Cosmic Film Festival

  • SSU Indie Film Festival

  • Diamond in the Rough Film Festival

  • Kill Jim Festival

  • The Palm Springs International Comedy Festival

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