Nancy's Fancy Vegan Gelato-Writer/Director 

ABOUT: A magical tale of how Nancy Silverton's vegan gelato brand came to be. 

Produced, production design and direction by Caroline Iaffaldano.

Caroline shared a sketch with you copy 5

Millie Savage Commercial- Writer/Director

ABOUT: An abundant picnic on a relaxing summer day turns into a sparkly adventure. In collaboration with the popular Australian jewelry brand, Millie Savage.

Direction, concept, production design and editing by Caroline Iaffaldano.

Susan Alexandra Commercial - Writer/Director

ABOUT: For centuries mermaids have been faced with a huge problem: they travel hundreds of miles in a day but have nowhere to keep their belongings. Imagine! How do you expect a mermaid to bring her shells and kelp when she has no pockets or place to store them? Well, NYC based bag and accessory company, Susan Alexandra, is a mermaid's dream come true.