Caroline Iaffaldano is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and director with a focus on surrealism and high style visuals. She studied Film & Television Production at the University of Southern California and graduated in the Fall of 2019.


Caroline previously studied fashion, human rights, and environmental science at NYU, and her enthusiasm for style and pointed social commentary is highlighted in the short films she has directed. 


Caroline's short film, "Girls in Space," which follows three girls who travel through space in hopes of escaping a deadly plague on Earth, has been screened at several festivals around the world including Los Angeles CineFest, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and Around International Film Festival Paris.


Her senior thesis film, "Flour Baby,” is a female-driven kitschy comedy about a not-so-alternate reality where women must care for a bag of flour for a year in order to qualify for a real child, and a frantic mother tries to understand how she really feels about parenting. 

Caroline is currently doing commercial work for clients like celebrity chef Nancy Silverton, popular jewelry brand "Millie Savage," and most recently working with the successful podcaster and instagramer "The Skinny Confidential." Caroline independently produces her work and has also worked with production companies like AP.Studio. She has just finished writing her first feature film. 


Director's Statement:

In my work, I try to combine absurdity and extravagance in style with authentic experiences and grounded performances. As a woman, it is important that I make films that insert a female point of view and tell stories that unravel certain societal standards applied to women. 


I am interested in creating worlds and making surrealist films that explore different realms. Everything in the frame should be purposeful and visually stimulating. The contrast of high style with authentic performances in my films make for a truly unique, fun and poignant film that is always driven by a strong female point of view.

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